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Serial reactivation

In order we are able to reset your serial (and so make it available for activation) - for yours and our own security - we need to confirm you are the actual buyer of the product.

So we need (Information has to be hand typed in your reply. No screenshots or attached files please. ):

1)The name of the product
2)Your serial number
3)The name of the webstore you made the purchase
4)The purchase date and purchase ID
5)Your email (used in the purchase)
6)Your name (used in the purchase)

These info are contained (not always - please check) in the receipt you got during your purchase, you can attach it - additionally - if you like.

Next time you shall contact us, since you would be a confirmed customer and as we would have all the necessary information already, all you'd have to do is to state your serial number and the name of product.
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 Last Updated 8 years ago

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