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Lost Serial - How to find it

Unfortunately FSPS - as manufacturer - does not hold a "customer name or email - serial number" database.

This is done by the webstores, who keep a big amount of records.

The best way is to log in your account at the webstore you made your purchase and check for your past invoices/orders.
You will find the product by FSPS you are looking the serial for, and viewing its invoice/order you should find the serial number under a tab called "Serial Number or Registration information".

If you cannot log in even in your account, then contacting the customer support of the Webstore you had made your purchase is your only other vital option.

Of course if you remember you have made the purchase from please report that back, with the email you remember you had uses, so we would check it in our own store.
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 Last Updated 8 years ago

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